RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT


RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT is a high-build self-levelling compound designed for achieving smooth and even surfaces on both new and existing internal concrete substrates. With excellent flow properties, it can level differences from 3 to 70 mm in thickness. The product ensures high mechanical resistance, making it ideal for subsequent floor covering installations. Developed at RLA research laboratories in Australia, this grey powder consists of a unique rapid setting and hydrating cement, blended with graded silica sand, resins, and special additives.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Classification: CT-C30-F6 according to EN 13813 standards.
  • Recommended Use: Suitable for applying carpet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, and floating floor finishes. Not suitable for direct stick timber flooring application. It can also be used to cover under-floor heating systems, but it is essential to check the manufacturer's recommendations first.
  • Pumpable for ease of installation.

Mixing Ratio:

Mix one 20kg bag of RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT with 3.6-3.8 litres of clean water. Use a drill and suitable mixing paddle to combine the powder and water slowly. Ensure even mixing for approximately three (3) minutes to achieve a lump-free mix. Avoid overwatering, as this can lead to bleeding and separation, compromising bond and tensile strength.

Setting Times:

  • Hardens after 3-4 hours at 23°C and can be walked on after this time.
  • Ready to receive carpet, carpet tiles, floating floors, and tiled floor coverings fixed with adhesives after 24 hours at 23°C (time may vary based on temperature and humidity).
  • For Vinyl or Rubber flooring, apply a 2-3mm coat of TruLevel EconoPro or TruLevel TuffTop compound after allowing RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT to dry. Apply Universal Primer (NEAT) before installing the levelling combination.

Clean Up:

Clean tools immediately after use with water. Do not pour mixed RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT down drains, as it may cause blockages. Any leftover mix should be poured into an empty bag of RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT and discarded once the product has set hard.

Notes & Precautions:

  • Drying times are extended in cold ambient temperatures.
  • Avoid contact with water during or after the curing process.
  • Do not apply to substrates subject to rising dampness.
  • For internal use only.
  • Wait until TruLevel BulkFill UT is completely dry before applying an overcoat.
  • Avoid applying over expansion joints to prevent reflective cracking.


2.4m² per 20 kg bag at 5mm thickness.

Shelf Life / Storage:

Store RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT in its original unopened packaging in a dry area off the ground. Shelf life is 12 months.

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RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT

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