RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT

RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT is a high-performance self-levelling compound designed to smooth and level interior concrete floors. Its fast-setting formula and high build capabilities make it ideal for preparing surfaces for various floor coverings, including tiles, carpet, and floating floors.
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Physical Properties

Classification (en 13813): Ct-c30-f6
Colour: Grey
Bulk density (kg/dm3): 1.34
Wet density (kg/dm3): =2.1
Shelf life: 12 months
Packaging: 20kg
Coverage – 20kg bag: Approximately 2.4m² at 5mm thick
Mixing ratio: 3.6-3.8 litres of water
Open time: 30-40 minutes
Setting time: 2-3 hours
Temperature range: From +5°c to +35°c
Maximum thickness: 70mm
Foot traffic: 3-4 hours
Waiting time before subsequent bonding: 24-36 hours
Ph of mix: Approximately ph 12
Flexural strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 1 day: > 3
Flexural strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 3 days: > 4
Flexural strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 7 days: > 5
Flexural strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 28 days: > 6
Compressive strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 1 day: > 13
Compressive strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 3 days: > 21
Compressive strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 7 days: > 25
Compressive strength n/mm² (en 13892-2) 28 days: > 30
Abrasion resistance g (en 12808-2) 28 days: ≤ 150
Surface hardness n/mm² (en 13892-6) 28 days: > 50

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RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT

Vendor: RLA

RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT


Vendor: RLA

RLA Aftek TruLevel BulkFill UT

Size: 20kg

RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT is a high-performance, self-levelling cementitious underlayment designed for smoothing and levelling new or existing internal concrete floors. With its excellent flow properties and high build capabilities, it can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 70mm. This versatile product creates a smooth, even surface with high mechanical resistance, making it ideal for various floor coverings, including carpet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, and floating floors.

Key Features

  • High-build self-levelling compound for internal use
  • Excellent flow properties for easy application
  • Suitable for thicknesses from 3mm to 70mm
  • Creates a smooth, even surface
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Compatible with various floor coverings
  • Can be overcoated with TruLevel Levelling compounds after 24 hours
  • Pumpable for efficient installation

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  • Levelling and smoothing new or existing concrete subfloors
  • Preparation for various floor coverings (carpet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, floating floors)
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating systems (consult manufacturer's recommendations)


  • Creates a smooth and level surface for easy installation of floor coverings
  • High mechanical strength for durable performance
  • Fast-setting and rapid-drying for quicker project completion
  • Can be pumped for efficient application in large areas
  • Compatible with various flooring systems

Application Guide

  1. Prepare the substrate by ensuring it is clean, dry, sound, and free from contaminants.
  2. If necessary, mechanically prepare the floor using shot blasting or diamond grinding.
  3. Prime the substrate with RLA Universal Primer, diluted for porous substrates or neat for non-porous substrates.
  4. Mix RLA TruLevel BulkFill UT with the appropriate amount of clean water (3.6-3.8 litres per 20kg bag).
  5. Apply the mixed compound using a gauge rake, stand-up spreader, or trowel at the desired thickness.
  6. Allow the product to harden for 3-4 hours at 23°C before foot traffic.
  7. Wait 24 hours before installing carpets, tiles, or floating floors. For vinyl or rubber flooring, apply an additional levelling compound.


  • Not suitable for direct stick timber flooring.
  • Do not apply when temperatures are below 5°C or above 35°C (consult RLA for specific advice).
  • Do not allow the product to come into contact with water during or after curing.
  • For internal use only.
  • Do not apply over expansion joints.

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