Sikalastic®-1K is a high-performance one-component cementitious mortar, fortified with special alkali-resistant polymers and fibres, designed for flexible waterproofing and protection of concrete structures. With its crack-bridging ability and versatile application methods, Sikalastic®-1K provides reliable and durable waterproofing solutions for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 20Kg

Key Advantages:

  • One-component product - just add water for preparation
  • Adjustable consistency for easy application by brush or trowel
  • Good sag resistance for effortless application on vertical surfaces
  • Excellent crack-bridging ability ensures long-lasting protection
  • Strong adhesion to various substrates, including concrete, cement mortars, stone, and masonry
  • Can be applied on damp substrates


Sikalastic®-1K is ideal for:

  • Flexible waterproofing and protection of concrete structures, tanks, basins, pipes, etc.
  • Waterproofing of bathrooms, showers, terraces, balconies, and swimming pools before ceramic tile application
  • Waterproofing external wall surfaces to be backfilled in ground
  • Inside waterproofing of negative water pressure of walls and floors in basements
  • Flexible protection coating for reinforced concrete structures against freeze-thaw and carbon dioxide attack

Important Considerations:

  • Do not smooth Sikalastic®-1K with a float or trowel
  • Protect from rain for at least 24€“48 hours after application
  • Avoid direct contact with chlorinated water in swimming pools
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight, impending rain, or strong winds
  • High relative humidity can influence setting time; use adequate ventilation
  • Follow local regulations for contact with drinking water
  • Conduct preliminary testing before applying solvent-based paint over Sikalastic®-1K

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