Sika Primer 3N

Sika® Primer-3 N is a one-component, transparent primer for porous surfaces and metal, offering easy application and enhanced adhesion for sealing and bonding.
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Physical Properties

Composition: 1-component, solvent-based epoxy resin compound
Shelf life: 9 months from the date of production, if stored in undamaged, original, sealed packaging, and storage conditions are met
Storage conditions: Store in dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight, at temperatures between +5 °c and +25 °c
Colour: Transparent
Density: 1.00 kg/l approx. (iso 2811-1)
Viscosity: 10 mpas approx. (iso 3219)
Consumption: 5 m² per litre on porous substrates; 8 m² per litre on non-porous substrates
Flash-off time: Minimum 30 minutes; maximum 8 hours
Ambient air temperature: +5 °c to +40 °c, min. 3 °c above dew point temperature
Substrate temperature: +5 °c to +40 °c

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Sika Primer 3N

Vendor: Sika

Sika Primer 3N


Vendor: Sika

Sika Primer 3N

Colour: Transparent
Size: 1L

Sika® Primer-3 N is a solvent-based, one-component transparent primer specially formulated for porous surfaces and metal. It is designed for use with Sikaflex®, SikaHyflex®, SikaBond®, and Sikasil® products, providing a robust and easy-to-apply solution for enhancing adhesion. With its short flash-off time and water-repellent properties, Sika® Primer-3 N ensures efficient and effective preparation of surfaces for sealing and bonding applications.

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Metals


  • Porous substrates (e.g., concrete)
  • Metals
  • Compatibility with Sikaflex® products
  • Compatibility with SikaHyflex® products
  • Compatibility with SikaBond® products
  • Compatibility with Sikasil® products


  • Improves adhesion on porous and metallic surfaces
  • Ensures long-lasting bonding performance
  • Efficient surface preparation with short waiting time
  • Durable and resistant to environmental conditions

Application Guide

  1. Ensure the substrate is clean, dry, sound, and free from oils, grease, dust, and loose particles.
  2. Apply Sika® Primer-3 N with a clean brush or roller to the substrate.
  3. Only one application is necessary. Tightly reseal the container immediately after each use.
  4. Clean all tools and application equipment immediately after use. Once cured, residual material can only be removed mechanically.


  • Must be used within one month after opening the container.
  • Discard any primer that has gelled or separated.
  • Primers are adhesion promoters, not substitutes for correct surface cleaning or strength enhancement.

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