Open Cell Backing Rod - Round


Product Description

Adheseal Backing Rod Open Cell is an open cell polyurethane foam backing rod used in expansion joints and as a non-gassing backer rod with caulking and sealant applications. It comes in continuous length rolls dispensed from a binder twine core.

Features and Benefits

  • Labour saving - fast installation in varying joint widths
  • Non-gassing - eliminates sealant failures from damaged closed cell rods
  • Binder twine packaging - easy to secure and dispense
  • Compatible with sealants - does not inhibit adhesion or movement
  • Non-staining and inert
  • Compressible - accommodates 25% compression
  • Flexible - handles easier than polyethylene rods
  • Temperature resistant - from -60°C to 260°C intermittently


  • Backing rod in expansion joints
  • Non-gassing backer rod with caulking and sealants

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal density: 64-96 kg/m3
  • Compression: 25% at 70-100 g/cm2
  • Temperature range: -60°C up to intermittent temperatures of 260°C


Install rapidly using any tool. Can be secured in place while dispensing. Ensure sealant depth is half the joint width.


Continuous length rolls in binder twine dispenser.

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