Megapoxy P1 Epoxy (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy P1 is a two-component gap filling adhesive based on DGEBA epoxy resin and carbonate-free filler. It is designed for easy application and provides excellent properties for a wide range of applications.

Megapoxy P1 is free of volatile organic compounds (Nil V.O.C.) and is suitable for repairs of structures in contact with potable water. It complies with AS/NZS 4020:2005 "Testing of Products for Use in Contact with Drinking Water." Additionally, Megapoxy P1 demonstrates resistance to hydrogen sulphide commonly found in sewage treatment facilities.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 1 Litre Kit, 4 Litre Kit, 20 Litre Kit
  • VOC Free
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • Creamy texture, blends easily
  • No-Sag on vertical & overhead surfaces
  • Adheres and cures under adverse conditions (cold & damp)
  • Good strength retention after prolonged immersion in water
  • High strength permanent bonds
  • Excellent tensile and compressive strengths, superior to concrete
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Recommended Applications:


  • Precast concrete articles
  • Metal to metal or concrete
  • Grouting bolts
  • Natural stones
  • Bricks or ceramics
  • Bonding compressed cement sheets

Filling and Repair:

  • Concrete pipes and tanks
  • Fibreglass articles
  • Concrete floors and stairs
  • Concrete columns
  • In-situ formed concrete
  • Flush-filling countersunk screws in fibre cement sheet

Mixing Precautions:

It is essential to use the correct mixing ratio and thoroughly mix Part "A" and Part "B" together before use. Inaccuracies and poor mixing can result in lower physical properties of the cured system, and significant errors may lead to unsatisfactory curing and discoloration over time.

Product Specification:

Consistency: Thixotropic paste

Colour: Part "A" - White, Part "B" - Black

Flash Point: Above 200°C

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