Megapoxy HX Epoxy (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy HX is a cutting-edge solvent-free epoxy resin that offers exceptional performance in a variety of applications. Its extra low viscosity makes it suitable for gravity penetration or low-pressure injection for the repair of cracked concrete. Additionally, Megapoxy HX can be used for impregnating porous substrates such as masonry and timber. It has also proven successful as a low viscosity laminating resin for fiberglass work.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Ultra Clear
  • Size: 4 Litre Kit, 20 Litre Kit

Cured Properties:

  • Mixing Ratio by Volume: Part A - 3 Parts, Part B - 1 Part
  • Pot Life (1 litre mix): 30 minutes at 25°C
  • Initiated Mixed Viscosity: 300cps at 25°C
  • Working Time: 45 minutes at 25°C
  • Full Cure: 72 hours at 25°C


  • Ultimate Compressive Strength: 95MPa
  • Ultimate Flexural Strength: 35MPa

Instructions for Use:

Megapoxy HX should be used in a manner similar to Megapoxy H Multi Purpose Hydrophilic Resin when extra low viscosity is required. The cured properties of Megapoxy HX are very similar to those of Megapoxy H, and the mixing and working recommendations for Megapoxy H apply to Megapoxy HX.


Megapoxy HX is available in 4 litre and 20 litre kits. Each kit contains Part "A" and Part "B," premeasured in the correct mixing ratio for immediate use.

Cleaning Up:

To keep mixing implements and working tools clean, use Megapoxy Thinners. It is recommended to use disposable rubber gloves to protect hands and maintain proper industrial hygiene.


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Megapoxy HX Epoxy (2 Part Kit)

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