Megapoxy H: Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin


Megapoxy H is a superior low viscosity epoxy resin designed for a wide range of applications. It serves as an epoxy concrete binder and a wet to dry concrete adhesive, making it ideal for repairing cracked concrete, even in underwater and splashzone conditions.

With the addition of dry aggregate, Megapoxy H is suitable for creating non-slip floors and wear-resistant floor toppings. It is also commonly used for rail and machinery grouting, as well as bridge load bearing pads, providing exceptional strength and durability.

Megapoxy H is a reliable choice as it is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This environmentally friendly formulation ensures a safer working environment without compromising on performance. Additionally, it meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2005 for products used in contact with drinking water, making it suitable for repairs in structures that come into contact with potable water.

Furthermore, Megapoxy H demonstrates excellent resistance to hydrogen sulphide, a common presence in pipes and plants used for sewage treatment. Its durability in such environments ensures long-lasting repairs and maintenance.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Grey, Natural
  • Size: 4 Litres Kit, 20 Litres Kit


High strength epoxy for bonding and anchoring steel reinforcement, starter bars, and tie bars into concrete, brickwork, and stone
Wet to dry binding agent (new to old concrete)
Suitable for use in damp conditions
Ideal for sealing and/or waterproofing concrete structures and can be mixed with sand to make epoxy mortar systems
Addition of pigments can also be added for industrial floor coatings


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