Megapoxy 132 - High Strength Floor Coating (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy 132 is a high-performance two-component floor coating designed for commercial and industrial applications. This solvent-free coating offers low viscosity, providing excellent protection for various surfaces. With the inclusion of coloured pigment, Megapoxy 132 not only offers high strength and abrasion resistance but also enhances the appearance with a decorative finish.

Megapoxy 132 is free from suspected carcinogens or mutagens, making it safe for use in environments where food is processed. It meets the requirements of the Department of Primary Industries for coatings used in food processing establishments, such as abattoirs.

This VOC-free coating is suitable for structures in contact with foodstuffs and potable water. It provides a durable and easily cleanable surface, ideal for applications in food and beverage production facilities, factory and warehouse floors, pharmaceutical industries, bakeries, hospital and catering kitchens, as well as forklift ramps and driveways.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colours: Grey, Clear
  • Size: 15 Litre Kit, 30 Litre Kit


  • Mixing Ratio by Volume: Part A - 2 Parts, Part B - 1 Part
  • Pot Life (1 liter mix): 30 minutes at 25°C
  • Cure Time: 48 hours at 5°C, 36 hours at 15°C, 24 hours at 25°C, 12 hours at 35°C
  • Tack-free time (thin film initial cure): 8 hours at 15°C, 6 hours at 25°C, 3 hours at 35°C

Concrete Surface Preparation:

Prior to application, the concrete surface should be free from grease and oil. Industrial heavy-duty degreaser can be used for cleaning. Remove surface laitance through mechanical methods like scabbling, grit blasting, or grinding. Acid etching may be necessary if mechanical methods are not feasible. Thoroughly rinse and scrub the area to remove loose sand, allowing it to dry for 24 hours. Surface dryness ensures maximum adhesion.

Cleaning Up:

Megapoxy Thinners can be used to clean mixing implements and working tools. Disposable rubber gloves are recommended for hand protection and maintaining proper industrial hygiene.


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Megapoxy 132 - High Strength Floor Coating (2 Part Kit)

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