Sunstate Kiln Dried Silica White Sand 20kg


Kiln Dried Silica Sand is a refined form of silica sand that undergoes a controlled drying process in a kiln. This process eliminates moisture, ensuring a consistently high-quality product. Silica sand is known for its versatility and is a fundamental component in various construction applications due to its excellent binding and abrasive properties.

Uses and Applications:

  1. Bricklaying and Masonry: Ideal for creating mortar mixes, enhancing the strength and durability of brick walls.
  2. Concrete Production: A key ingredient in concrete production, contributing to improved workability and strength.
  3. Paving and Tiling: Perfect for leveling surfaces in preparation for paving or tiling projects.
  4. Landscaping: Used to create stable and well-draining surfaces in gardens and outdoor spaces.
  5. Sandblasting: Suitable for sandblasting applications, ensuring effective and precise surface preparation.


  • High-Quality Sourcing: Sourced from Sunstate Sands in Bundaberg, Australia, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • Kiln Dried for Optimal Performance: The kiln drying process enhances the sand's properties, making it ideal for various construction needs.
  • Consistent Particle Size: Uniform particle size for reliable and predictable results in your construction projects.
  • Excellent Workability: Enhances the workability of mortar and concrete mixes, making construction tasks more efficient.

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Sunstate Kiln Dried Silica White Sand 20kg

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