Terrafix Geo Fabric 2m Wide


TerraFix Geo Fabric is the ideal solution for soil stabilization and erosion control in civil engineering and construction projects. Made of high-density polyethylene, this geotextile offers superior strength, durability, and permeability, making it an essential component for any project that requires a stable base and erosion protection.


  • Road construction: Terra Fix Geo Fabric provides a stable base for roads, ensuring that they remain level and resistant to shifting over time.
  • Embankment stabilization: The high tensile strength of Terra Fix Geo Fabric makes it an ideal solution for embankment stabilization, preventing soil erosion and ensuring that structures remain secure.
  • Landfills: Terra Fix Geo Fabric is commonly used in landfill construction to provide a barrier between the waste and the surrounding environment, preventing contamination and ensuring safe disposal.


  • High-density polyethylene: Terra Fix Geo Fabric is made of a durable, high-density polyethylene material that provides superior strength and puncture resistance.
  • Permeability: The geotextile's permeability allows for water to flow through it, preventing the buildup of water pressure and reducing the risk of erosion.
  • Filter properties: Terra Fix Geo Fabric's filter properties allow it to filter out sediment and other contaminants from water, providing cleaner runoff into nearby waterways.

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