Everflex JS - Acrylic Tilt Panel Joint Sealant


Everflex JS is a highly elastic hybrid acrylic joint sealant designed for superior weather resistance. With its remarkable adhesion to various building materials and exceptional elasticity in both hot and cold climates, Everflex JS ensures long-lasting and reliable joint sealing. Its non-sagging properties and ability to tool off to a smooth surface make it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Purpose of Everflex JS

Everflex JS is specifically formulated to provide high-performance joint sealing for both exterior and interior applications. It is ideal for joints subject to movement, providing excellent weather resistance and long-lasting elasticity.

Features of Everflex JS

  • Exceptional weather resistance for reliable performance
  • Superior adhesion to various building materials
  • Highly elastic formulation for flexibility in hot and cold climates
  • Non-sagging properties for easy application and a smooth finish
  • Paintable for seamless integration with surrounding surfaces
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous for safe use
  • No isocyanates for reduced environmental impact

Application Instructions for Everflex JS

Follow these instructions to achieve optimal results when applying Everflex JS:

  1. Ensure that all joints are filled to the required depth with Adhefoam backer rod or bond breaker tape before applying the sealant.
  2. Use a spatula to tool off the sealant immediately after application, ensuring a flat and non-concave finish.
  3. Prepare the joint surfaces by thoroughly cleaning them, removing any dirt, grease, laitance, loose particles, or contaminants.
  4. For most substrates, priming is not necessary. However, it is recommended to conduct adhesion testing for suspect surfaces.
  5. Consider joint design by allowing for approximately ±25% movement of the original joint width. Everflex JS can accommodate movement up to ±50%.
  6. The recommended minimum depth of sealant is 6mm, with a maximum of 10mm, regardless of the joint width.
  7. There is no maximum joint width, but testing is recommended for very wide joints to ensure sagging does not occur.
  8. Avoid placing joints deeper than a 2:1 ratio to prevent excessive sealant consumption.

Product Specifications of Everflex JS

  • Product Name: Everflex JS
  • Type: Hybrid Acrylic Joint Sealant
  • Elasticity: Highly elastic
  • Weather Resistance: Exceptional
  • Adhesion: Superior
  • Slump Resistance: Excellent
  • Modulus: Low
  • Stainability: Non-staining
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Hazardous: No
  • Isocyanates: None
  • Paintability: Yes

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Everflex JS - Acrylic Tilt Panel Joint Sealant

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