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Duram 195 Waterproofing Membrane


Duram 195 is a single pack, liquid applied, moisture curing, self-leveling capable, waterproofing membrane which cures to form a tough, seamless, durable, and elastomeric (class III) waterproofing membrane, incorporates UV stabilisers, UV absorbers and antioxidants to enable the product to provide greater UV protection and stability than conventional aromatic polyurethane membranes. Duram 195 bonds well to most suitably primed building substrates. It is suitable for above and below ground applications.

Product Characteristics:

Colour: Black
Size: 4 Litre,15 Litre

Product Specifications:

Complies with AS4654.1 2012 Waterproofing membranes for external above ground use. (Exposed areas must be topped with Multithane ATC).

Meets the 'Green Star' environmental criteria.


Duram 195 has been formulated for most waterproofing applications requiring long term waterproofing for non-UV exposed waterproofing applications making it ideal for:

  • Exposed Areas: Roofs, decks, terraces, balconies, podiums and gutters (when top coated with Multithane ATC)

  • Tiled or Covered Areas: Wet areas (floors and upturns), decks, balconies, terraces, podiums, retaining walls, planters & landscaped areas, structural slabs, pits, bunding areas and water retaining structures, door flashings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Successfully tested as a Class III membrane to AS 4654.1 ensuring that the product meets the requirements set forth by the National Construction Code of Australia.

  • Single pack (no mixing) easy to apply anti-sag technology, up to 0.75mm

  • Low VOC levels. Compliant with GBCA Green Star rating requirements.

  • Does not re-emulsify once fully cured, long term performance.

  • Bitumen and tar free will not stain grout or tiles.

  • Self-leveling 100% bonded seamless membrane (no joints or laps)

  • Formulated to provide long term protection.

  • Inhibits mould and biological growth.

  • Australian Made and a long history of Australian use.

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Duram 195 Waterproofing Membrane

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