DOWSIL™ 890-SL Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant

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DOWSIL™ 890-SL is a self-leveling silicone sealant that is perfect for sealing joints in concrete and asphalt pavements. It's easy to apply, weather-resistant, and offers excellent movement capability for long-lasting performance.
Vendor: Dowsil
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DOWSIL™ 890-SL Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant

Vendor: Dowsil

DOWSIL™ 890-SL Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant


Vendor: Dowsil

DOWSIL™ 890-SL Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant

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DOWSIL™ 890-SL Silicone Joint Sealant

DOWSIL™ 890-SL is a high-performance, self-leveling silicone sealant designed for sealing joints in concrete and concrete-to-asphalt pavements. Its ultra-low modulus formulation allows for exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for dynamic joints prone to movement. This sealant is weather-resistant, fuel-resistant, and cures quickly, offering a convenient and durable solution for various applications.

Key Features

  • Self-leveling, no tooling required
  • Can be extruded in a wide temperature range (-20 to 120°F)
  • Flows into irregular joint widths
  • 100% extension and 50% compression movement capability
  • Ultra-low modulus for maximum flexibility
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Short-term fuel resistant
  • Cold applied and ready-to-use
  • Unprimed adhesion to Portland cement concrete and asphalt
  • Fast skin-over time


  • Concrete to concrete pavement joints
  • Concrete to asphalt pavement joints
  • New construction
  • Repair and remedial applications
  • Irregularly shaped and spalled joints


  • Self-levels for a smooth, even finish without tooling
  • Accommodates significant joint movement and expansion
  • Resists degradation from UV exposure, weathering, and short-term fuel contact
  • Easy application without heating or special preparation
  • No primer required for most substrates
  • Rapidly returns roadways to service with quick skin-over time


  • Not recommended for continuous water immersion or totally confined spaces.
  • Should not be applied to wet or damp surfaces or during inclement weather.
  • Contact Dow before specifying or installing on airfield runways.
  • Not intended for use in spill containment areas.

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