Brush Contact Adhesive - Everbond


Everbond Contact Adhesives are specifically designed for the Kitchen, Shop fitting, and Construction Industries for bonding a wide range of porous and non-porous materials such as metals, laminated plastics, plywood, particle board, and MDF board without clamps or presses.


  • SPRAY GRADES SP230 & SP220: High quality, 18% solids, drying time 3-5 minutes.
  • Styrobond ST: For polystyrene foam, 25% solids, drying time 4-6 minutes.
  • Contact BS (natural) brush/scraper: Medium viscosity, 28% solids, drying time 5-10 minutes.


Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Use a liberal, even coat on both surfaces and apply pressure. Porous surfaces require a heavier coat. Average coverage is 1.5 m2 per litre with brush, scraper, or roller, and 2.5 m2 per litre with spray application.


This product is not classified as hazardous, but may cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals.

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