Biyseal Bitumen Impregnated Foam


Biyseal Polyurethane Impregnated Foam is a bitumen impregnated, light weight flexible foam, with a nominal density of 35kg per m³, manufactured to AS2282-79. Biyseal is also available impregnated with an acrylic solution for use when ultra-violet light resistance is required. Biyseal is supplied in 7.62m coils, 2m lengths and Profiles to suit various roof decking.


Biyseal is suited as a weather resistant seal for numerous applications in both building and construction and, industrial either on its own or in conjunction with a sealant depending on the application. Typical applications include:

  • Dust/vermin proofing of metal wall or roof cladding

  • Vertical expansion joints in precase concrete, brick and block work

  • Jointing between walls and windows

  • Profiled Biyseal for sealing various roof and wall decking

  • Joint sealing of logs in timber homes

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