Autoshield GB Primer


Autoshield GB Primer is a UV blockout primer designed for use on glass surfaces where the adhesive face of the PU adhesive will be exposed to direct UV rays. It is also used as a repair primer for chips and scratches in the pinchweld area prior to the installation of Autoshield 1-FC adhesive during windscreen installation.

Application Temperature:

Recommended for use between +5°C and +40°C.


All surfaces should be dry, clean, and free from dust or grease. Prior to application, wipe the glass with Autoshield Activator using a clean cloth or tissue sparingly. It is highly recommended to perform adhesion tests to ensure product suitability for specific requirements. If necessary, seek advice from our technical service.


Wet cleaning:

Dry cleaning: Remove as much as possible by mechanical means and then rub hard with a soft cloth soaked in solvent.


Use only in well-ventilated spaces and avoid exposure to thermal, mechanical, or chemical influences before drying.

Shelf Life:

9 months if kept in the original packaging and stored in cool and dry conditions.

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Autoshield GB Primer

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