Unobond Polyurethane Adhesive

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Unobond is a solvent-free, low VOC, quick-setting polyurethane adhesive with a strong structural bond and high water resistance.
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Physical Properties

Type of product: Polyurethane adhesive
Specific gravity: 1.03
Colour: Uncured: translucent / cured: cream/brown
Skinning @23° & 50%rh: 10 min
Initial set: 30 min
Full strength: 24 hrs
Pressing time: 1hr @ 0.6 n/mm²
Use temperature: +5° to 35°c
Temp. resistance: -30°c to 100°c
Tear resistance: Up to 130kg/cm²
Tensile strength (tested on beech): 5n/mm2
Sensitivity: Insensitive to frost, sensitive to humidity (cures product)
Flammability: Uninflammable
Consumption: 120 to 250gm/m²
Test certificates: Classified d4 water resistant bond
Shelf life: Minimum 12 months in unopened containers at temperatures between 15°c and 25°c

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Unobond Polyurethane Adhesive

Vendor: Adheseal

Unobond Polyurethane Adhesive


Vendor: Adheseal

Unobond Polyurethane Adhesive

Size: 310ml
Colours: Opaque
Package Type: Single Buy

Unobond is a high-performance, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive that provides a strong, quick-setting, and water-resistant bond. This versatile adhesive is ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, including marine environments. With its superior bonding strength and ease of use, Unobond is the perfect choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Solvent-free formula for a safe and eco-friendly application
  • Quick-setting for efficient bonding
  • Strong structural bond
  • Highly water-resistant (D4 classification)
  • Suitable for marine environments
  • Versatile for various substrates
  • Resists low temperatures


  • Interior and exterior bonding applications
  • Marine environments
  • Woodworking and carpentry
  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Bonding wood, plasterboard, particleboard, metals, plastics, foams, concrete, and more
  • Preventing floor squeaks


  • Superior bond strength for reliable, long-lasting adhesion
  • No mixing required, ready to use straight from the cartridge
  • Fast setting for increased productivity
  • Extremely versatile for various materials and applications
  • Water-resistant for interior and exterior use
  • Resists low temperatures for cold-weather applications

Application Guide

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, even, and free from grease and contaminants.
  2. Apply a bead of Unobond using a cartridge gun.
  3. Immediately bring the substrates together and apply pressure by clamping, nailing, or screwing for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Maintain consistent pressure across the entire surface during curing.
  5. For flooring applications, follow the flooring manufacturer's specifications.


  • Reduced strength when used as a gap filler.
  • Requires pressure during curing to achieve maximum strength.


  • Surfaces must be clean, sound, free from dirt, grease, laitance, loose particles or other contaminates and should have a maximum humidity of 30%.

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