Silicone N40 - Standard Colours

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Silicone N-40 is a versatile, neutral cure silicone sealant ideal for roof, gutter, and general-purpose sealing. It offers excellent adhesion, anti-fungal properties, UV stability, and temperature resistance, making it suitable for various applications in the plumbing and tiling industries.
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Physical Properties

Type of product: Polysiloxanes
Curing system: Moisture in the air
Density (specific gravity) (iso 1183): 1.03
Skin time (23°c & 50 % r.h.): 20 min
Cure rate (23°c & 50 % r.h.): 1-2 mm / 24 hrs
Application temperature: Between +5°c and +40°c
Temperature resistance: -50°c to + 150°c
Shelf life: 12 months if kept in the original packed and stored in cool and dry conditions
Clean up uncured: tools: White spirit or solvent. surfaces: silicone cleaner cured: mechanically
Colours: Translucent, white , mid grey, aluminium grey, black
Voc content (californian rule 1168): 43gms/lt
Fire tested: To as/nzs 1530.3-1999 (smoke developed index 0-1)

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Silicone N40 - Standard Colours

Vendor: Adheseal

Silicone N40 - Standard Colours


Vendor: Adheseal

Silicone N40 - Standard Colours

Size: 300ml
Colours: Black
Package Type: Single Buy

Silicone N-40 is a versatile, neutral cure silicone sealant designed for the plumbing and tiling industries. It offers excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. With its anti-fungal properties, UV stability, and resistance to extreme temperatures, Silicone N-40 is a reliable choice for roof, gutter, and general-purpose sealing applications, even in food preparation areas.

Key Features

  • Neutral cure for compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics
  • Anti-fungal properties prevent mould and mildew growth
  • UV stable, maintaining performance in sunlight exposure
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures (-50°C to +150°C)
  • Suitable for food preparation areas


  • Sealing roof and gutter joints
  • Flashing repairs and installations
  • Sealing joints in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas
  • General-purpose sealing in construction and DIY projects
  • Bonding and sealing glass, ceramics, tiles, treated wood, PVC, aluminium, and other construction materials


  • Provides a durable, flexible, and watertight seal
  • Prevents leaks and water damage
  • Resists mould and mildew growth for a hygienic environment
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions and UV exposure
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy to apply and tool

Application Guide

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of dust or grease. Degrease with solvent if necessary.
  2. For gutters and flashing, drill rivet holes, apply a bead of Silicone N-40 over the holes, and then rivet the surfaces together.
  3. Tool the sealant within 10 minutes before it skins over.
  4. Allow the sealant to cure fully before exposing it to thermal, mechanical, or chemical influences.


  • Not suitable for use in closed rooms.
  • Not recommended for use on mirrors, polyacrylate, or polycarbonate without consulting the technical department.
  • Cannot be painted over.

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