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Adheseal PU50 is a high viscosity moisture curing polyurethane construction adhesive sealant. It is tough, durable, and offers good mechanical and abrasion resistance. With its high shore A hardness, it is ideal for anti-pick sealant applications and boat decks.

Uses of Adheseal PU50

  • Structural bonding of construction materials
  • Fabrication of curtain walls, panels, and facades
  • Adhesion to glass, wood, aluminium, fibreglass, and composite materials
  • Pick-resistant applications in public buildings such as Schools and Prisons.

Advantages of Adheseal PU50

  • Flexible structural bond
  • Fast curing
  • Paintable
  • Tear resistant
  • Pick resistant
  • Excellent green strength
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building materials

Surface Preparation

Care must be taken to ensure that the substrates are sound, clean, and free from contamination. If necessary, clean with Adheseal cleaning solvent or Adhesion promoter. Priming is not normally required, but adhesion testing is recommended for suspect surfaces. Apply the correct Adheseal Primer when required and allow it to dry.

Application of Adheseal PU50

Ensure that the surface preparation is thoroughly dry before application. Use a hand or air gun to apply the required bead of Adheseal PU50 to the prepared substrate. Press the components firmly against the wet bead to achieve the desired bond area. If tooling is required, dry tool immediately before the adhesive skins. Tooling time is a minimum of 10 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.


Not suitable for internal swimming pool applications.

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Summer Life RV
Adheseal PU50

We have been buying Adheseal PU50 for use in building our 5th wheelers, we love the product and Adheseal are a great company to deal with.

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