Hi Flex 60 - MS Adhesive / Sealant 600ml


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Hi-Flex 60 is a high modulus hybrid polymer based elastomeric adhesive/sealant. This product is low odour, has excellent UV resistance and does not contain isocyanate. It rapidly cures under the influence of air and substrate humidity, and turns into a tough and flexible and long-lasting seam.

It bonds to aluminium, steel, concrete, fibreglass, wood, FC sheet and many other common industrial and construction surfaces. Some uses are; bonding and sealing in caravan, bus/truck body & boat manufacturing, expansion joint sealing and many other industrial & construction applications.

Hi Flex 60 Features

One component
Structural Strength Adhesive
Paintable (instantly with most paints)
Outstanding UV resistance and colour stability
Pick Resistant
Low VOC (complies with Green Star VOC)
Non-hazardous - Isocyanate free
Excellent primer-free adhesive properties on most substrates

Hi Flex 60 Applications

Structural bonding
Joint sealing
Non-pick sealant suitable for prisons, schools and public access areas
Marine manufacturing
Boat deck sealant
Automotive body building

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