Adheseal Acetone is a powerful, fast-drying solvent for professional use. It effectively cleans and thins adhesives, epoxies, lacquers, and resins, making it essential for various trade applications.
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Physical Properties

Specific gravity: 0.792
Freezing point: -95°c
Acidity (as acetic acid): 0.002 max.
Alkalinity (as nh3, wt%): 0.001 max.
Evaporation rate: Slower than ether
Appearance: Clear, water-white
Water content, wt%: 0.5 max.
Shipping name: Acetone
Classification: Hazard class iii
V.o.c. (g/l): 0-exempt

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Vendor: Adheseal



Vendor: Adheseal


Size: 1L

Acetone is a high-performance solvent used for its rapid evaporation and powerful cleaning capabilities. Ideal for dissolving and thinning various adhesives, epoxies, lacquers, and resins, this versatile solvent is a must-have for any workshop or job site.

Key Features

  • High-purity acetone solvent
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Powerful cleaning and degreasing action
  • Effective thinner for compatible adhesives and resins
  • Suitable for use on various substrates (test first)


  • Cleaning polyurethane-based adhesives
  • Thinning acetone-based PVC and polyurethane adhesives
  • Dissolving natural and synthetic gums, waxes, oils, and dyes
  • Cleaning tools and equipment (except polystyrene foam)
  • Thinning epoxies, lacquers, and polyester resins


  • Quickly and efficiently removes adhesive residues
  • Improves adhesive and resin workability
  • Essential for fiberglass boat and auto repairs
  • Versatile solvent for various applications


  • Not suitable for use on polystyrene foam
  • Highly flammable - use with caution and in well-ventilated areas

Suitable Substrates

  • Most metals
  • Glass
  • Many plastics (test first)
  • Fibreglass

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