Everbond 2P Contact Adhesive Additive - T3205 Crosslinker


Everbond 2P Contact Adhesive is specifically designed for applications requiring high strength and heat resistance. With the addition of the crosslinker, this adhesive offers increased strength and heat resistance. It is an ideal choice for bonding rubber components, while also providing good adhesion to most substrates (testing is recommended).


Everbond 2P (Part A) is a medium viscosity, high solids general-purpose construction-grade contact adhesive suitable for use with a brush or scraper. It has a solids content of 28 +- 2% and a drying time of 5-10 minutes.

Everbond 2P (Part B) is the crosslinker. When mixed with Everbond 2P Part A, it reacts to crosslink the adhesive, forming a tough, flexible, heat, and water-resistant bond. The recommended mix ratio is 1 part A to 3-5% part B.


Porous surfaces may require a heavier coat compared to non-porous surfaces. On average, using a brush, scraper, or roller, expect coverage of 1.5 m² of bonded area per liter for two surfaces. Using a spray application, coverage of 2.5 m² of bonded area per liter can be achieved.


Pressure should be applied during bonding. Mechanical nip-rollers are recommended for optimal results. Hand rollers, rubber mallets, or a wooden block can be used, ensuring sufficient pressure is applied to prevent lifting of edge strips and difficult-to-lay laminates.

Drying Time

The quoted drying time represents the minimum time after spreading when the surfaces should be combined at 21°C and average humidity. It's important to ensure the films are completely dry, especially when bonding two non-porous surfaces, as trapped solvent can affect the strength and heat resistance. Avoid low temperatures below 18°C accompanied by high humidity to prevent faulty bonds due to moisture condensation.

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance of Everbond 2P exceeds 120°C when tested to Australian Standard 1937.4 1977. The actual result may vary depending on the test method used.


The adhesive is supplied ready for use and typically does not require thinning. However, if thinning is necessary for special purposes, Everbond Contact Thinners can be used. Do not use CONTACT ADHESIVE CLEANER as thinners.

Cleaning Equipment

Clean equipment as soon as possible with Contact Adhesive Cleaner to remove adhesive residues.

Storage Stability

Everbond Contact 2P has a minimum storage stability of 6 months in cool, dry conditions. Ensure containers are kept closed when not in use.

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Everbond 2P Contact Adhesive Additive - T3205 Crosslinker

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