2001 Primer


Primer 2001 is a solvent-based reactive primer specially formulated to enhance adhesion on porous surfaces and act as a rust inhibitor for automotive glass replacement. This clear primer is a reliable choice to prepare surfaces for the application of Polyurethanes and Hybrids, ensuring strong and long-lasting bonds.

Key Features:

  • Enhances adhesion on porous surfaces like timber and masonry
  • Acts as a rust inhibitor when used on metals, preventing rust formation due to scratches during windscreen replacement

Application Instructions:

Primer 2001 can be easily applied using a brush or a clean cloth at a rate of 50-150ml per square meter, depending on the surface's porosity. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the primer for optimal results.


Before Primer 2001 dries, clean any excess primer with acetone or xylene. Once cured, mechanical means will be necessary to remove any remaining residue.

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