Styrobond ST - Spray Grade Polystyrene Foam Adhesive

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Styrobond ST is a specially formulated contact adhesive designed for bonding a variety of porous and non-porous materials, including sheet metals, fibre cement sheets, plywood, and particle board, to expanded polystyrene foam. It utilizes special solvents that have no detrimental effect on polystyrene foam, unlike conventional contact adhesives.

Typical Uses

Styrobond ST is suitable for various applications:

  • Bonding sheet metals to expanded polystyrene foam
  • Bonding fibre cement sheets to expanded polystyrene foam
  • Bonding plywood to expanded polystyrene foam
  • Bonding particle board to expanded polystyrene foam


Before applying the adhesive, ensure that surfaces are clean and dry. Remove any grease, oil, dust, or contaminants. For maximum bond strength, wipe metals clean with a solvent. Apply a liberal and even coat of Styrobond ST to both surfaces and allow it to dry. Once dry, bring the surfaces together and apply pressure using a wooden block and mallet, small hand roller, or mechanical nip roller. Porous surfaces may require a heavier coat than non-porous surfaces. A brush, scraper, roller, or spray application can be used, with an average coverage of 1.5 m2 per litre for brush/scraper/roller application and 2.5 m2 per litre for spray application. Use spray equipment capable of sustained spraying at 450-850 KPa. Apply pressure with mechanical nip rollers or other suitable means to ensure proper bonding, especially for difficult laminates.

Drying Time

The minimum drying time before combining surfaces is quoted at 21°C and average humidity. Avoid low temperatures below 18°C with high humidity, as they may lead to faulty bonds due to moisture condensation. When combining two non-porous surfaces, ensure the films are completely dry to maintain strength and heat resistance.

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Styrobond ST - Spray Grade Polystyrene Foam Adhesive

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