Duram S900 - Deep Penetrating Siloxane Waterproofing Solution

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Duram S900 is a clear, high pH, deep-penetrating siloxane waterproofing solution. It effectively creates a waterproofing barrier below the surface of porous substrates, preventing water ingress. Duram S900 is designed to solve various issues associated with water penetration, including corrosion of steel reinforcement, surface degradation, fungal and bacterial attacks, and carbon dioxide permeability. It is suitable for use on surfaces such as concrete, cement, cement render, face brick, block walls, sandstone, porous pavers, and more. Duram S900 retains the "breathing" ability of the substrate, allowing for the diffusion of vapors.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 4 Litres, 15 Litres

Uses and Suitable Surfaces

Duram S900 is ideal for the following applications and porous substrates:

  • Waterproofing external concrete, cement, cement render, face brick, block walls, sandstone, porous pavers, and other porous surfaces.
  • Minimizing efflorescence and laitance (white salt spotting or leaching).
  • Protecting sandstone.
  • General rainwater barrier.
  • Preventing mold and fungus growth.
  • Anti-graffiti protection (sacrificial coating).

CAUTION: Sealed surfaces may become slippery when wet.


The information provided in this product data sheet is typical and serves as a general guideline. Specific project requirements may vary, and additional works may be necessary to meet project specifications. Please consult with Duram for specific project specifications in writing.


  • Duram S900 relies on the soundness and stability of the substrates it penetrates.
  • It does not bridge or seal cracks.
  • Sufficient product absorption into the surface is necessary for effective performance. Highly porous, sandy, and friable surfaces may not provide adequate density for the formation of a proper waterproofing barrier. Test areas are highly recommended.
  • The quantity of S900 required for a given area depends on factors such as density, porosity, thickness, soundness, and condition of the substrate, which may not be apparent.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Creates a waterproofing barrier without altering the surface appearance.
  • Allows for tile bed sealing without lifting tiles.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution.
  • Offers long-lasting protection.
  • Dries quickly and leaves a clear, low-gloss finish.
  • Can be recoated.
  • Ideal for stopping leaks as a first effort.
  • Provides excellent weatherproofing against rain and salt spray.
  • Offers anti-graffiti protection.


Store Duram S900 in a cool, dry place, away from sources of ignition. Keep it in well-sealed metal containers. Shelf life is up to 12 months in unopened or undamaged containers. Available in 4 Lt and 15 Lt pails.

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Duram S900 - Deep Penetrating Siloxane Waterproofing Solution

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