Megapoxy PF Epoxy (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy PF is a rapid set epoxy adhesive that achieves more than half of its ultimate strength within 15 minutes of mixing, setting in just seven minutes. It is designed for immediate on-the-spot emergency repairs to tanks, pipes, machinery, concrete structures, and more.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colors: Grey, White
  • Size: 1 Litre Kit, 4 Litre Kit, 20 Litre Kit


  • Smooth and easily workable
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • Creamy texture, blends easily
  • Non-sag on vertical or overhead surfaces
  • Sets in 3 minutes at 25°C - 90% cure within 1 hour at 25°C
  • Very high strength permanent bonds
  • Tensile and Compressive Strengths superior to concrete
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be machined after 30 minutes cure at 25°C
  • Properly mixed Megapoxy PF will not stain or discolor white or light-coloured marble and ceramics

Product Specification:

Part "A": Thixotropic paste, Colour: White

Part "B": Thixotropic paste, Colour: White or Dark Grey

Flash Point: Above 100°C

Cleaning: Uncured Megapoxy PF can be removed with Megapoxy Thinners.


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