Megapoxy LVS: Low Viscosity Sealer (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy LVS is a specialized low viscosity sealer designed for the penetration sealing of concrete, brick, and other porous surfaces. It is essential to apply this sealer to thoroughly dry substrates to ensure optimal performance.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 15 Litres Kit


  • (a) Internal sealing of concrete tanks for seepage prevention and concrete protection.
  • (b) Sealing of concrete floors against the penetration of oils, fats, dilute acids, ammonium nitrate, and other corrosive materials that can damage concrete.
  • (c) Waterproofing of walls and floors against rising damp and outside wall dampness.
  • (d) Protection of structural concrete against the penetration of salt-laden air and moisture, preventing corrosion.

Surface Preparation:

Remove loose materials and repair any damaged areas using Megapoxy P1 to restore chipped or pitted surfaces. Surface laitance and general etching should be removed using a hydrochloric acid/water mixture. Remove all paint, greases, and other contamination through sandblasting or other mechanical means.


Thoroughly mix Parts "A" and "B" at a 2:1 ratio by volume in a clean plastic bucket. Apply the sealer using a brush or roller, ensuring two coats are applied. Allow the sealer to cure for 18 to 24 hours before opening to traffic.


  • Concrete (Wood Float Finish): 75 m² per 15 litre kit
  • Concrete (Steel Float Finish): 150 m² per 15 litre kit
  • Bricks: 75 m² per 15 litre kit


Megapoxy Low Viscosity Sealer is available in 15 litre kits.


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Megapoxy LVS: Low Viscosity Sealer (2 Part Kit)

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