Megapoxy E Epoxy (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy E is a top-quality epoxy recommended for the encapsulation of instrument transformers, lighting transformers, small power transformers, and coils in the electrical and electronic industries. It offers exceptional performance in both room temperature and elevated temperature service applications.

With its reliable mechanical and chemical resistant properties, Megapoxy E is an excellent choice for casting electrical switchgear components. It provides superior protection and durability in demanding environments.

Once cured, Megapoxy E exhibits excellent static and dynamic mechanical properties, ensuring long-term reliability. It also boasts superior electrical and dielectric properties, making it ideal for applications where electrical insulation is crucial.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 6 Kg Kit, 30 Kg Kit

Application Instructions:

For service at temperatures up to 80ºC:

  • Use Megapoxy "E" Part "A" in combination with Hardener "E".

For service at temperatures up to 150ºC:

  • Use Megapoxy "E" Part "A" in combination with Hardener 155.

Ensure proper mixing and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct mixing ratios and application procedures. Megapoxy E delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of temperature conditions, providing reliable protection for your electrical castings.


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Megapoxy E Epoxy (2 Part Kit)

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