Megapoxy 69: High Strength Impact Resistant Epoxy Adhesive


Megapoxy 69 is a clear non-sag gel type epoxy structural adhesive known for its high bond strength. It is specifically designed for bonding metals to metals, metals to concrete and masonry, assembly of granite and marble fabrications, and other civil engineering applications that demand superior bonding performance. Additionally, Megapoxy 69 is ideal for structural timber joinery and applications in the marine environment, as it maintains its strength even under repeated high impact forces.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Sizes: 1 Litre Kit, 4 Litres Kit, 20 Litres Kit

Features of Megapoxy 69:

  • Clear non-sag gel type epoxy adhesive
  • High bond strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Wide range of applications in civil engineering
  • Suitable for structural timber joinery
  • Ideal for marine environments

Applications of Megapoxy 69:

  • Bonding metals to metals
  • Bonding metals to concrete and masonry
  • Assembly of granite and marble fabrications
  • Structural timber joinery
  • Civil engineering applications requiring superior bond strengths
  • Marine environment applications

Cured Properties:

  • Tensile Strength: 30 MPa
  • Compressive Strength: 70 MPa
  • Shear Strength: 15 MPa
  • Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 60 X 10-6 mm/°C

Instructions for Use:

  • Mixing Proportions: 1 part "A" to 1 part "B" by volume
  • Working Time: 45 minutes at 25°C
  • Minimum Cure Time:
    • At 15°C: 48 hours
    • At 25°C: 24 hours
    • At 35°C: 12 hours
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 10°C

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from dust and oil. For detailed instructions on surface preparation, refer to the "Application Guide for Civil Engineers" bulletin.


Megapoxy 69 is available in 4-litre and 20-litre kits. Each component of the kit is pre-measured in the correct mixing ratio. Megapoxy 69 is also available in liquid form and rapid set versions.


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Megapoxy 69: High Strength Impact Resistant Epoxy Adhesive

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