Megapoxy 206 Heavy Duty Grout (2 Part Kit)


Megapoxy 206 is a high-performance, two-component, flowable epoxy grout designed for heavy-duty applications. This solvent-free, hydrophilic epoxy grout offers exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for various industrial and construction purposes.

Applications of Megapoxy 206 include grouting machinery, locking bearings, setting anchor bolts, chocking of machinery, rail track grouting, and bridge bearing pads.

Product Characteristics:

Colour: Grey

Sizes: 6 Litres Kit, 16 Litres Kit

Product Specification:

Megapoxy 206 Part "A" is a thick gray liquid supplied in a re-sealable plastic container. Megapoxy 206 Part "B" is a thin blue liquid supplied in a screw-capped plastic bottle.

Method of Use:

  1. Seal all crevices with Megapoxy PF (rapid set putty) to prevent grout mixture from leaking out.
  2. Stir Megapoxy 206 Part "A" first, then slowly add Megapoxy 206 Part "B" while continuously mixing.
  3. Using a low-speed electric drill, mix until a uniform gray appearance is achieved (approximately 3 minutes).
  4. Megapoxy 206 should be used immediately after mixing.
  5. If the ambient temperature is high, store Megapoxy 206 in a cool place until ready for use, as high temperatures can shorten its usable life.
  6. Topping up can be done at a later date as convenient.
  7. If adhesion is not required, coat formwork surfaces with a wax or grease-based release agent.
  8. Allow Megapoxy 206 to harden before applying stress.

Work Time, Setting Time, and Cure Time:

Ambient Temperature Work Time (Whole Pack Mix) Setting Time Cure Time
25°C 30 Minutes 6 Hours 24 Hours
15°C 60 Minutes 12 Hours 48 Hours


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Megapoxy 206 Heavy Duty Grout (2 Part Kit)

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