Gripset E60 (2 Part Kit)


Gripset E60 is a versatile two-component water-based epoxy compound that acts as both a primer and protective coating, effectively preventing moisture penetration and rising damp through mineral surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion properties and displays exceptional resistance to both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. This makes it ideal for various applications, including internal, external, underground, and immersed environments.

Product Characteristics:

  • Size: 20 Litre Kit

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Resistance to negative hydrostatic conditions
  • Pot life of 1-2 hours for convenient application
  • Suitable for both internal and external use
  • Non-flammable, odourless, and zero VOC for safe handling
  • Easy clean up with water
  • Compatible bonding surface for Gripset membranes, adhesives, and other finishes


Gripset E60 is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. It provides effective moisture protection and can be used on various substrates, including:

  • Concrete, masonry surfaces, renders, and screeds
  • Concrete blocks and aerated concrete
  • Timber

General Details:

  • Only mix the required amount of product that can be used within the 1-2 hour pot life.
  • If applying over damp surfaces, ensure they are free of surface water.
  • If applying over dried surfaces, it is recommended to lightly dampen the surface with a fine water mist.
  • For floor surfaces, use a squeegee or stiff nylon broom to work Gripset E60 into the substrate, ensuring optimal absorption and penetration. Fill any pinholes or voids.
  • For vertical wall surfaces, use a medium-long nap roller.
  • Based on surface porosity, the first coat of Gripset E60 can be diluted with water. A 5% dilution is recommended for porous surfaces and up to 10% for denser surfaces. Subsequent coats should be applied in a neat state.
  • Allow a minimum of 24 hours of curing time before applying membranes, adhesives, mortars, levelling compounds, and coatings.

Clean Up:

Clean up any wet residue with water. Once dried, Gripset E60 needs to be removed mechanically.

Note: Before starting the application, it is highly recommended to test the adhesion of products to be used (e.g., primers, membranes, coatings, adhesives) on a typical area of the prepared surface. The applicator should carry out this test to ensure satisfactory adhesion. Gripset Industries also offers a service for pre-testing adhesion to surfaces, especially for large commercial areas or unusual substrates.

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Gripset E60 (2 Part Kit)

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