Everbond PVA GP - General Purpose PVA


Everbond PVA GP is a reliable adhesive based on synthetic resin emulsions from the polyvinyl acetate family. It is specifically designed for use in the cabinetry, shopfitting, and joinery industries. This non-flammable and non-toxic adhesive forms a hard translucent film when cured. Everbond PVA GP is resistant to mold, bacteria, and fungi, making it a durable choice for various applications. While it is not waterproof, it exhibits excellent resistance to normal humidity cycles.

Trust Everbond PVA GP for versatile and reliable bonding in your projects. Its easy application, flexibility, and compatibility with various surfaces make it an ideal choice for the cabinetry, shopfitting, and joinery industries.


Everbond PVA GP is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Surface gluing of decorative papers
  • High frequency gluing with longitudinal heating
  • Surface gluing of high-pressure laminates in short-cycle presses
  • Assembly bonding
  • Board joint and blocks bonding


The curing of Everbond PVA GP occurs through water dissipation and crosslinking under ambient conditions, resulting in a firm and water-resistant bond. Optimal cure is achieved when the adhesive interphase reaches moisture equilibrium, typically taking around seven days. The curing process is influenced by factors such as substrate and adhesive mass, timber density, moisture content, and ambient conditions. For accelerated curing and increased water resistance, thermocuring can be performed by mixing catalyst number 1 at a rate of 1% w/w.

Recommended Thermocuring Cycle:

  • 30 seconds at 80°C
  • 30 seconds at 130°C

Ensure the adhesive is homogenous before use. After use, clean brushes, rollers, glue baths, etc. with water before the adhesive dries out.


Store Everbond PVA GP indoors under ambient conditions. Keep containers closed when not in use.

Physical Properties:

  • Type of Product: Synthetic Resin
  • Curing System: Water Dissipation
  • Density (Specific Gravity): 1.05-1.15
  • Consistency: White Liquid
  • Viscosity (#5/10rpm/20°C): 9300-13500 cP
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 8°C
  • Storage: Cool Dry between 10°C-30°C
  • Movement Capability: 1
  • Glue Spread (Surface Bonding): 80-140 g/m2
  • Glue Spread (Assembly Bonding): 160-180 g/m2
  • Minimum Press Time: Refer to instructions above
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months in original packaging
  • Clean Up: Water
  • Solids: 48/50%

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Everbond PVA GP - General Purpose PVA

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