Everflex WPM - Undertile Waterproofing Membrane


Everflex WPM is a rapid curing single-component self-reinforced elastomeric waterproof membrane designed specifically for under tile applications. It forms a Class 3 seamless, flexible, and fully bonded waterproof barrier once cured. With performance exceeding AS-4858:2004 and AS-4654.1, Everflex WPM is suitable for both internal and external under tile applications.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Blue, Grey
  • Size: 15 Litre


  • Wet areas, shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries, and toilets.
  • Patios, terraces, decks, and balconies that require tiling or topping.
  • Concrete slabs above and below grade.
  • Underground tanking and waterproofing.


  • Ready to use - No mixing or dilution required.
  • Rapid drying for earlier tiling.
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Water-based - Easy clean-up with water.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Compatible with all common building materials.
  • Tested in accordance with AS-4858:2004 and AS-4654.1.
  • High permanent flexibility.
  • Low permeability - Suitable for use on timber floors.


  • Do not use externally if rain is imminent.
  • Do not use when temperatures are below 10°C or above 40°C.
  • Limited UV resistance - Not designed for long-term UV exposure and must be tiled or topped.


Surface Preparation:

  • Ensure all surfaces are structurally sound and free from oils, grease, form release agents, curing compounds, dirt/dust, and any other surface contamination that may hinder adhesion.
  • Achieve a continuous even film build by ensuring surfaces are free from protrusions.
  • Rectify any non-structural cracks, holes, and deformities.
  • Ensure surfaces are free from surface water and continual dampness.


  • For dusty, very porous, or hot surfaces, it is recommended to use a primer.
  • For internal coatings, use Everflex SBP or Everflex WBP. For external applications, use Everflex VBS (Vapour Barrier System) when directly adhered products are exposed to the elements.
  • Refer to the primer application instructions for each specific primer.

Comaptible Primer Application:

Everflex VBS:

Mix at a 1:1 ratio and apply the primer to porous surfaces at a rate of 5 square meters per litre per coat, ensuring the achievement of a plastic film. Additional coats may be necessary if a plastic film is not achieved.

Everflex WBP:

For internal applications, apply the water-based primer to porous surfaces at a rate of no less than 6 square meters per litre. Allow it to dry before coating with the membrane.

Everflex SBP:

For more difficult surfaces like PVC and waxy surfaces, apply the solvent-based primer at a rate of no less than 9 square meters per litre. Allow it to dry before applying the membrane.

Joints and Internal Corners:

Apply a fillet of Adheseal PU, MS, or a suitable bond breaker in internal corners and over sheet joints according to the relevant Australian Standard. If required, embed polyester reinforcing fabric in the first coat of membrane, ensuring complete wet-out.


  • Internal: Apply a minimum of two coats to achieve a dry film thickness (DFT) of 0.9mm, in accordance with AS:3740 Class 3 Membranes.
  • External: Apply a minimum of two coats to achieve a DFT of 1mm, in accordance with AS:4654.2 Class 2 Membranes.
  • Apply the second coat at right angles to the first coat. Additional coats may be required to achieve the minimum DFT.

Tile Adhesives:

Everflex WPM is compatible with various types of solvent-free tile adhesives. Successful installations have been carried out using Mastic and Unigrip adhesives over Everflex Aqua-Ban. Confirm adherence with the relevant adhesive manufacturer.

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Everflex WPM - Undertile Waterproofing Membrane

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