Duram Azcoseal Clear Acrylic Sealer and Primer

Azcoseal is a premium clear acrylic sealer and primer formulated in a solvent solution.
Vendor: Duram
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Physical Properties

Colour: Clear (dries to a clear, semi-gloss finish)
Packaging: 15l pail
Shelf life: Up to 12 months (unopened), 6 months (resealed)
Storage: Cool, dry place away from ignition sources
Coverage/yield: 4m² per litre per coat (average)
Suitable surfaces: Concrete, cement, cement render, block & brickwork, fc and cfc sheeting, blue board, aac, hebel, composite sheeting, plywood, cement pavers, sandstone, concrete stencil, masonry surfaces, new & old acrylic coatings and membranes, vitreous, ceramic & terracotta surfaces
Drying time (@25°c and 50% rh, per coat): Touch dry: 1-2 hours, dry: 2-6 hours, full cure: 24 hours
Service temperature: 10°c to 50°c
Application temperature: 5°c to 30°c

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Duram Azcoseal Clear Acrylic Sealer and Primer

Vendor: Duram

Duram Azcoseal Clear Acrylic Sealer and Primer


Vendor: Duram

Duram Azcoseal Clear Acrylic Sealer and Primer

Size: 4 Litre

Azcoseal is a premium clear acrylic sealer and primer formulated to provide deep penetration and protection for a wide range of porous substrates. This versatile product cures to form a tough, resilient coating with a clear, satin finish, making it suitable for both aesthetic and functional applications.

Key Features

  • Quick-drying, typically within 1 hour
  • Single-component, easy-to-apply formula
  • Excellent pore-filling and dust-binding properties
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Low dirt pick-up
  • UV resistant, suitable for exposed areas
  • Enhances waterproofing properties of subsequent coatings
  • Cross-linking technology for improved adhesion
  • Good strength, elasticity, and penetration


  • Sealing and weatherproofing porous substrates like face brick
  • Primer for water-based and polyurethane waterproofing membranes, paints, and coatings
  • Encapsulating and sealing friable substrates like asbestos sheeting
  • "Wet look" sealer for pavers, brick, sandstone, and masonry
  • Reactivating existing acrylic coatings before recoating
  • Concrete and dust sealer
  • Primer for various Duram products (Multithane, Duram 195, Durabit, Azcothane)


  • Provides a waterproof barrier against water ingress
  • Minimises surface fragmentation due to excellent binding properties
  • Attractive clear satin finish
  • Enhances the overall waterproofing system when used as a primer
  • Deep penetration into porous substrates for effective sealing

Application Guide

  1. Ensure surfaces are sound, stable, dry, clean, and free of contaminants.
  2. Remove efflorescence and allow the area to dry completely.
  3. Apply Azcoseal by brush, roller, or spray in 2 or more coats at the recommended coverage rate.
  4. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next. Apply subsequent coats within 24 hours of the previous coat.


  • Test areas recommended, especially for pavers and terracotta tiles (may discolour)
  • Not recommended for particle board or chipboard (use Duram Primeseal MC)
  • Not a vapour barrier (use Duram Primeseal MC for exposed areas)
  • Not suitable for metal, some non-porous surfaces, glazed tiles, marble, terrazzo, etc.
  • Not for UV-exposed substrates where the membrane or adhered materials are exposed (use Duram Primeseal MC)
  • Avoid high moisture substrates, wet/seeping areas, and continual dampness
  • Cured coating may be slippery when wet
  • May turn milky if wet before curing

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