PS1300 - MS Parquetry Adhesive

Parquetry PS1300 is a high-performance, low VOC hybrid PU adhesive ideal for parquetry and strip flooring. It offers excellent adhesion to various substrates without the need for primer, making it a versatile and easy-to-use solution for professional flooring installations.
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Physical Properties

Type of product: Hybrid ms polymer
Curing system: Moisture
Density (specific gravity): 1.27
Consistency: Pasty
Working time at 23°c and 50% rh: 60min
Skinning time at 23°c and 50% rh: 90-120min
Cure rate at 23°c and 50% rh: 3.5 mm 24hr
Storage: Cool dry between +5°c and +25°c
Temperature resistance: -40°c- +90°
Application temp: 50 - 25°c
Shelf life: 9 months
Clean up: Xylene
Colour: Beige
Shore a hardness iso 868 (3 sec.): 20>

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PS1300 - MS Parquetry Adhesive

Vendor: Adheseal

PS1300 - MS Parquetry Adhesive


Vendor: Adheseal

PS1300 - MS Parquetry Adhesive

Size: 21kg

Parquetry PS1300 is a high-performance, single-component, moisture-curing hybrid polyurethane (PU) adhesive specially designed for parquetry and strip flooring. This low-VOC adhesive provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates and is suitable for various wood flooring types, including laminated, resin-impregnated, and exotic species. Parquetry PS1300 is easy to apply and offers a strong, durable bond for a professional finish.

Key Features

  • Single-component, moisture-curing hybrid PU adhesive
  • Low VOC content, suitable for Greenstar rated projects
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates without primer
  • Suitable for parquetry, strip flooring, and exotic wood species
  • Easy application with spatula or notched trowel
  • 60-minute open time for adjustments


  • Special parquetry flooring
  • Laminated parquetry flooring
  • Paving wood blocks
  • Resin-impregnated parquetry flooring
  • Standing timber and varnished parquetry flooring
  • Plywood and strip flooring
  • Exotic wood species (e.g., teak, bamboo)
  • Wood, concrete, stone, and glass substrates


  • High-performance bond for lasting durability
  • Low VOC content for improved indoor air quality
  • Versatile for use with various wood flooring types and substrates
  • Easy to apply and work with
  • Excellent adhesion without the need for primer
  • Can be sanded after 48 hours

Application Guide

  1. Ensure substrates are clean, dry, and free of dust and grease.
  2. For slab-on-ground applications, use Primer VBS as a vapour barrier.
  3. Ensure substrate moisture levels are within acceptable limits (≤ 3% for cement screeds, ≤ 0.5% for anhydrite screeds).
  4. Apply adhesive evenly using a spatula or notched trowel.
  5. Lay wood flooring into the wet adhesive, ensuring full contact.
  6. Allow for a 10-20mm gap along walls for movement.
  7. Follow flooring manufacturer's instructions for installation.
  8. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours before sanding.

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