Silicone N80 - Neutral Curing Multi-Purpose Silicone Rubber 300ml


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Light Grey or Translucent
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Silicone N-80 is a neutral curing multi-purpose Silicone rubber that provides adhesive strength without the need for a primer on various materials used in the building and engineering industries. It is suitable for bonding glass, aluminium, steel, joints in tiles, ABS, stainless steel, anodised steel, and more. Silicone N-80 is also suitable for manufacturing rainwater tanks and for use in food preparation areas. It offers excellent UV resistance and can be used on roofs and gutters.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colors: Black, Light Grey, Translucent
  • Size: 300ml


All surfaces should be dry, clean, and free from dust or grease. If necessary, degrease with MEK, alcohol, or ethanol. Adhesion tests are recommended to determine the product's suitability for specific applications.


Silicone N-80 can adhere to itself for repairs.


Silicone N-80 has good adhesion to most common building materials without the use of a primer. However, testing is highly recommended.

Backer Rod

Use Adhefoam open-cell backer rod where required. Closed-cell backer rod is also suitable, but care must be taken not to damage the outer skin of the rod to prevent gassing (bubbles) in the sealant. When the joint depth does not allow for backer rod, a bond breaker tape is required to prevent three-sided adhesion.


Fill the prepared joint completely, taking care not to trap air, as entrapped air may cause bubbles in the sealant. Dry tool immediately before the sealant skins. The tooling time is a minimum of 10 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.


  • Uncured: Tools can be cleaned with white spirit or solvent. Surfaces can be cleaned with Silicone Cleaner.
  • Cured: Mechanically remove the cured sealant.


  • Do not use in closed rooms.
  • Avoid exposure to thermal, mechanical, or chemical influences before complete vulcanization.
  • Not suitable for use on polyacrylate and polycarbonate. For structural glazing, consult the technical service department.
  • Cannot be painted.

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