Multi-Tack Construction Adhesive 300ml


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Adheseal Multi-Tack - Water Based Flooring & Construction Adhesive

Adheseal Multi-Tack is a specially formulated acrylic adhesive designed for bonding various construction materials, including timber, plastaboard, metal, concrete, and F.C. sheeting. This versatile adhesive provides a strong bond and allows flexibility for movement, making it ideal for flooring and wall systems. It also serves as an excellent cornice adhesive.

Multi-Tack is highly suitable for attaching timber to studs and joists, eliminating floor squeaks, and preventing warping and squeaks in subfloor construction as the timber dries. It is a reliable adhesive for wall sheeting, internal and external mouldings, and bonding polystyrene foam components.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Beige
  • Size: 300ml


  • Highly Resilient and Shock Resistant
  • Non-Sag (Anti-Drip Overhead)
  • Paintable and Flexible
  • Easy Water Cleanup
  • Adheres to Most Surfaces


  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of dirt.
  2. Sand any warped or twisted timber to attain flush surfaces.
  3. For floor joists or wall studs, apply a 6-10mm bead of adhesive. When panels butt, apply two beads approximately 25mm apart. Lay the sheets into position with minimal movement over the wet adhesive. For T&G flooring, apply adhesive to the groove to improve the rigidity of the tongue and groove. Follow the fixing instructions of the flooring manufacturer. A 6mm bead covers approximately 9 linear meters.
  4. Wipe off excess adhesive squeezed out between sheets before it cures.
  5. Clean up tools and equipment with water before the adhesive cures.

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Multi-Tack Construction Adhesive 300ml

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