Everflex Fire-fill | Fire Rated & Acoustic Joint Sealant


Everflex Fire-fill is a one-part, waterborne, acrylic co-polymer-based fire-rated sealant. It is designed to provide fire resistance and acoustic sealing for gaps around cables, metal pipes, conduits, busways, and ducts that penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings. Tested in accordance with AS 1530 Pt 4 2014 and BS476 Part 20, it meets the necessary fire safety standards. With excellent adhesion to various substrates, good U.V. resistance, and easy application, Everflex Fire-fill offers a flexible and durable sealant solution.


  • Gap sealing around cables, metal pipes, conduits, busways, and ducts penetrating walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, concrete, plasterboard, and cable coverings.
  • Provides fire rating for gaps up to 50mm.
  • Suitable for double-sided and single-sided applications (exposed and non-exposed faces) where the wall integrity is adequate.
  • Offers good STC acoustic properties when used in appropriate systems.


  • Fire-rated performance for gaps up to 50mm.
  • Specifically designed for Australian conditions.
  • Flexible, allowing for joint movement of +/- 20%.
  • No mixing required.
  • Easy to apply, providing a smooth finish.
  • Low odor and non-toxic.
  • Does not contain Isocyanates or asbestos.
  • Priming is not normally required.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Water clean-up for easy maintenance.


Everflex Fire-fill is available in 600ml sausages or 10-liter buckets.

Joint Preparation:

Surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, grease, dust, or other contaminants. Ideally, surfaces should be dry, but Fire-fill can adhere to slightly damp surfaces.


Before applying the sealant, fill all joints to the required depth with Adhefoam backer rod or bond breaker tape. Ensure the groove is completely filled with the sealant. Some shrinkage may occur.

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Everflex Fire-fill | Fire Rated & Acoustic Joint Sealant

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