Unobond FC 6kg - Liquid Applied Polyurethane Adhesive


Unobond is a premium-grade, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive designed for superior bonding in various applications. This quick-setting adhesive reacts with humidity to cure, providing a strong and highly water-resistant bond once fully cured. Unobond is a structural grade adhesive, making it perfect for demanding projects.

Typical Uses:

Unobond exhibits exceptional adhesion to a wide range of building materials, including wood, plasterboard, particleboard, aluminium, iron, steel, sheet metal, polystyrene foam, insulation foam, concrete, F.C. sheeting, brick, masonry, veneer, melamine, and many plastics (testing recommended). It can bond these materials to themselves or to each other, given that one surface contains moisture. Additionally, Unobond is suitable for exterior woodwork and marine environments.


  • Superior Bond Strength: Unobond ensures a reliable and durable bond between materials.
  • No Mixing: The adhesive is ready to use straight from the cartridge.
  • Fast Setting: Quick curing time allows for efficient work completion.
  • Extremely Versatile: Ideal for a wide variety of applications and materials.
  • Resists Low Temperatures: Performs well even in colder environments.
  • Highly Water Resistant (D4 Classification): Suitable for projects requiring water resistance.


Before application, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, even, and free from grease. Apply Unobond as a bead using a cartridge gun. Bring both substrates together immediately and apply pressure, either by clamping, nailing, or screwing, for approximately 30 minutes. Keep the surfaces in contact during the curing process. Unobond slightly expands, effectively filling any irregularities in the substrate. For flooring applications, follow the flooring manufacturer's specifications for adhesive application.


Unobond requires clean, sound surfaces free from dirt, grease, laitance, loose particles, or other contaminants. The maximum humidity of the surfaces should be 30% for optimal results.


  • When used as a gap filler, the adhesive's strength may be reduced.
  • Maximum strength requires applied pressure during the curing period, achieved through pressing, screwing, or nailing.

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Unobond FC 6kg - Liquid Applied Polyurethane Adhesive

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