Silicone N-10 - Neutral Cure Silicone Adhesive/Sealant 300ml


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SA Silicone N-10 is a one-part 100% oxime, neutral curing adhesive/sealant. It is a user-friendly silicone designed for general-purpose glazing and sealing applications that require long-term reliability. This silicone sealant exhibits excellent weathering and UV resistance, remaining unaffected by high and low temperatures. Its superior physical properties are retained even after many years of exposure.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colors: Aluminium Grey
  • Size: 300ml

Key Performance Properties

  • Non-slump
  • One-part ready to use
  • Outstanding weatherability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • 5 Star VOC compliant


SA Silicone N-10 demonstrates excellent adhesion to various materials such as glass, ceramics, aluminium, GRP, granite, concrete, galvanised steel, and many plastics. It can be used for standard glazing of frames, panels, and shop fronts. It is suitable for sealing environmental and refrigerated rooms, sheet metal, skylights, ventilators, and air-conditioning units. Additionally, it can be used for the assembly of metal/plastic signs, weatherproofing, and many other general glazing applications.


Typical data values should not be used as specifications. Please contact Sealants Australasia for further information. A thin bead of sealant can tolerate more movement than a thick bead. The joint width and depth should be no less than 4 mm, with maximum joint widths not exceeding 25mm. Joint depths should be half the width, with a maximum depth of 10mm. The recommended backing material for providing the correct joint depth is polyethylene closed-cell foam rod. If the joint is too shallow, use a polyethylene tape bond breaker. Ensure that the silicone sealant does not contact the back of the joint or any staining materials.

Storage/Shelf Life

The shelf life of SA Silicone N-10 Silicone Sealant is 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place. The storage temperature should not exceed 25°C, as higher temperatures can decrease the shelf life.


  • Not recommended for use on submerged joints where porous substrates permit water to reach the bond interface
  • Not suitable for certain rubber products where bleeding of plasticiser may occur
  • Not recommended for horizontal walkways subjected to abrasion
  • Cannot be painted, as paint will not adhere to the sealant
  • Not recommended for use on polycarbonate plastic
  • Suitability for use on other types of plastic, including extruded gutter profiles, should be tested prior to application

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Silicone N-10 - Neutral Cure Silicone Adhesive/Sealant 300ml

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