RLA Penatech GP Grout

Penatech GP Grout is a high-strength, non-shrink cementitious grout ideal for critical applications requiring precision and durability. It offers exceptional flow, high early and ultimate strength, and is suitable for various grouting techniques.
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Physical Properties

Appearance: Light grey powder (grey when mixed)
Application temp: Minimum 5° c, maximum 30° c
Expansion characteristics: Expansion 1-2% in plastic state, time for expansion start 5 min, finish 25 min, bleed 0%
Setting times (trowellable/flowable at 20°c 50% rh): Initial set: 2.0/2.5 hours, final set: 3.5/4.0 hours
Compressive strength (trowellable/flowable at days): 1 day: >30/>20 mpa, 3 days: >60/>40 mpa, 7 days: >70/>45 mpa, 28 days: >80/>60 mpa
Flexural strength (trowellable/flowable at days): 1 day: >3/>4 mpa, 3 days: >4/>5 mpa, 7 days: >6/>6 mpa, 28 days: >7/>7 mpa
Bond strength (trowellable/flowable at 28 days): >7/>8 mpa
Yields (per 20kg bag): Trowellable: 10.2 litres approx., flowable: 11 litres approx.
Fresh wet density: 2220/2200 kg/m³
Bags required - per cubic metre (m³): 98/91
Packaging: 20kg poly lined bags. item no. 206050
Storage-shelf life: 9 months in original sealed packaging in dry, low humid environments

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RLA Penatech GP Grout

Vendor: RLA

RLA Penatech GP Grout


Vendor: RLA

RLA Penatech GP Grout

Size: 20kg

Penatech GP Grout is a high-strength, Class C cementitious grout designed for critical grouting applications. Its non-shrink, dual expansion properties compensate for shrinkage in both plastic and hardened states, ensuring a precise and durable bond. Penatech GP Grout is ideal for machine base plates, dynamic loads, bridge bearing pads, crane rail sole plates, pre-cast concrete sections, anchor bolt fillings, and other structural grouting needs.

Key Features:

  • High Early and Ultimate Strength
  • Exceptional Flow Characteristics
  • Shrinkage Compensated
  • Non-Metallic, Non-Staining
  • Good Impact and Thermal Resistance
  • Can be Dry Packed


  • Machine base plates
  • Applications subject to dynamic loads and vibrations
  • Bridge bearing pads
  • Crane rail sole plates
  • Pre-cast concrete sections/panels
  • Anchor bolt fillings
  • Filling core holes, cavities, gaps, and base infills
  • High-performance structural grouting


  • Ensures precise and durable grouting due to non-shrink properties.
  • Offers high early and ultimate strength for demanding applications.
  • Provides exceptional flow and easy placement.
  • Resists staining due to non-metallic wire content.
  • Withstands impact and thermal stresses for long-term performance.
  • Versatile for various grouting techniques, including dry packing.

Application Guide:

  1. Surface and Substrate Preparation: Ensure surfaces are clean, sound, and free of contaminants. Saturate with water for at least 4 hours, then remove excess water.
  2. Formwork: Construct leak-proof formwork, ensuring a grout head is maintained. Coat formwork with oil for easy removal.
  3. Mixing: Use a mechanical mixer. Add Penatech GP Grout powder to pre-measured water (2.2-4.0 litres per 20kg bag depending on desired consistency). Mix for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Placement: Use gravity flow with a header box or pump for large volumes. Ensure continuous flow and avoid air entrapment.
  5. Curing: Cover exposed grout with plastic sheeting, wet hessian, or curing compound.


  • Consult the manufacturer for grouting thicknesses over 200mm.
  • Adjust mixing and application for temperatures below 10°C or above 30°C.

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