RLA Penatech GP Grout 20kg


Aftek Penatech GP Grout is a high strength, precision Class C grout that offers exceptional performance. Its unique dual expansion compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened state, ensuring a reliable and stable outcome. Penatech GP Grout complies with US Corp of Engineers Specification of non-shrink grout, CRDC 621-82A, and ASTM C1107-91 (Type C).

Recommended Uses

  • Machine base plates where critical grouting application is required
  • Applications subject to dynamic loads and where continuous vibrations are present
  • Bridge bearing pads
  • Crane rail sole plates
  • Pre-cast concrete sections/ panels
  • Anchor bolt fillings
  • Filling in core holes, cavities, gaps, and base infills
  • High-performance structural grouting

Features and Benefits

  • High early and ultimate strength, ensuring robust and durable applications
  • Exceptional flow characteristics, with good flow retention for ease of use
  • High ultimate (28 day) strength, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Shrinkage compensated in both plastic and hardened state, minimizing cracks
  • Non-metallic wires content eliminates staining concerns
  • Complies with ASTM C1107-91 and CRDC-621-82, meeting industry standards
  • Good impact and thermal resistance, suitable for various environmental conditions
  • Can be dry packed, offering versatility in application methods


Low Temperature Application: At low temperatures below 10˚C, the grout setting time is extended, and some bleeding may occur. Early strength gain will be reduced, but ultimate strength will be maintained. Conditioning Penatech HS Grout and water to 20-25˚C overnight or several hours before application can aid in strength development.

High Temperature Application: At high temperatures greater than 30˚C, the grout setting time is reduced, and grouting application becomes problematic due to very early setting times and reduced placement times. It is recommended to keep Penatech GP Grout in a cool environment and use cold water for mixing. Conduct grouting early in the day or late in the evening, sheltered from sunlight and direct heat, when the temperature exceeds 30˚C.


Penatech GP Grout is ready to use, simply requiring the addition of water. It must be mixed with a mechanical mixer with a high shear mixer or a suitable drum mixer that creates a forced action mixing. For smaller quantity mixing, an electric drill with a spiral mixing paddle is suitable, operating at approximately 500-600 rpm. Avoid mixing by hand.

Always add the grout powder to the pre-measured water and mix for 3-5 minutes until a homogeneous consistent mix is obtained. Do not add additional water, as it may lead to segregation and affect performance. Discard any grout that has stiffened or is unworkable.

Storage-Shelf Life

Penatech GP has a shelf life of 9 months if stored in the original sealed packaging in dry, low humid environments.


  • Keep the unrestrained area to a minimum
  • Do not add additional water other than what is specified
  • Never apply mixed grout to a dry porous substance
  • Refer to MSDS (material safety data sheet) prior to mixing
  • Always apply grout in a continuous operation and maintain the grout head
  • At low temperatures, grout setting time and strength gain will be extended
  • At very high temperatures, grout will set and cure faster, potentially causing cracking and delamination

Clean Up

Wash all tools and equipment with fresh, clean water immediately after use. Penapatch Panel Grout can only be removed mechanically.

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RLA Penatech GP Grout 20kg

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