Aftek Penapatch Panel LW


Penapatch Panel LW is a fine-filled, fire-rated, polymer-modified cementitious mortar, specifically formulated to provide cover for joiner plates in tilt slab or pre-cast construction. It is also used for the repair of damaged concrete. The light-weight aggregates used in Panel LW allow for a build-up of up to 100mm in one application.

The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Panel LW provide a mortar with strong adhesion to concrete and masonry on vertical substrates with negligible shrinkage. Panel Patch LW requires the addition of water only.

Panel LW may be sanded to produce a smooth surface texture prior to painting or application of a render.

Recommended Uses

  • Patching repairs and covering metal joining plates in tilt-up or pre-cast panels
  • Repairing any damaged concrete or pre-cast or tilt-up panels that are non-structural
  • Repairs requiring high build application up to 100mm for vertical applications
  • General high build up repairs where a non-structural repair mortar is required

Features and Benefits

  • High build application up to 100mm for vertical applications
  • Good adhesion to substrates, high bond strength
  • High build repairs can be completed in one application, eliminating the need for formwork
  • Shrinkage compensated resulting in long-term dimensional stability
  • Excellent workability and easy to use - just add water
  • May be coated with the Aftek range of protective and decorative coatings
  • Fast drying and finishes off to a smooth surface
  • Australian made and fire-rated with a 4-hour fire rating to AS1530.4


Penapatch Panel LW is ready to use - simply add the powder to 3.1 - 3.6 litres of water and mix using a mechanical forced action mixer with a high shear spiral mixing paddle. Always add the powder to the pre-measured water and mix until a homogeneous mix is obtained, which is lump-free. Penapatch Panel LW can also be mixed using approximately 4 parts powder by volume to 1 part water by volume (4:1). Avoid mixing by hand and do not add excess water, as it will reduce the ultimate strength and extend the drying time of the product, affecting its performance.

Only mix the quantity of material that can be used within the set time of the material. Discard partially set or hardened material.


  • Penapatch Panel LW is not intended for load-bearing and is not to be used as structural repair mortar
  • Penapatch Panel LW is not designed or recommended for pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • Addition of excess water, other than specified, will lead to extended cure times and low strength development
  • If the substrate into which the Penapatch Panel LW is applied moves or cracks, reflective cracking will occur in the Penapatch Panel LW
  • Ensure existing concrete surfaces/ substrates are at least 21 days old prior to application of Penapatch Panel LW
  • Do not apply Penapatch Panel LW in areas less than 5mm thick, occasional thickness less than 5mm is acceptable only in localized areas
  • In applications where high width and exposed areas are present, ensure curing compound is applied after final trowel
  • Protect from direct sunlight/ heat
  • Ensure Penapatch Panel LW does not come into contact with water or rain for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Do not use on horizontal surfaces subject to foot or vehicle traffic


Penapatch Panel LW is supplied in 10kg bags in a grey colour. Also available in OFF WHITE and WHITE colours.

Storage-Shelf Life

Penapatch Panel LW has a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored in the original sealed packing, in a dry, low humid environment.

Clean Up

Wash all tools and equipment with fresh, clean water immediately after use. Penapatch LW can only be removed mechanically.

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Aftek Penapatch Panel LW

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