Armadillo D: Concrete Dustproofing & Hardening Densifier

>ARMADILLO D is a proprietary blend of silica (Si) polymers that penetrate concrete surfaces to provide increased abrasion resistance and will eliminate dusting caused by brittle or damaged concrete.
Vendor: Armadillo
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Armadillo D: Concrete Dustproofing & Hardening Densifier

Vendor: Armadillo

Armadillo D: Concrete Dustproofing & Hardening Densifier


Vendor: Armadillo

Armadillo D: Concrete Dustproofing & Hardening Densifier


Armadillo D is a water-based silica polymer blend designed to penetrate and densify concrete surfaces. It significantly improves abrasion resistance, reduces liquid absorption, and eliminates dusting caused by brittle or damaged concrete. This versatile densifier is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, offering long-lasting protection and durability for various concrete surfaces.

Key Features

  • Water-based, environmentally friendly formula
  • Penetrates deeply to strengthen and densify concrete
  • Significantly increases abrasion resistance
  • Reduces liquid absorption and dust generation
  • Suitable for new and existing concrete
  • Compatible with various after-trade procedures


  • Dustproofing concrete floors
  • Repairing rain-damaged concrete surfaces
  • Restoring old and carbonated concrete
  • Improving the durability of warehouse and commercial floors
  • Enhancing residential garages and basements
  • Protecting manufacturing plant floors


  • Eliminates concrete dusting and improves air quality
  • Hardens and strengthens concrete for increased longevity
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Resists penetration of oil and many chemicals
  • Minimizes tire marks and facilitates their removal
  • Complies with GREEN STAR - OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13

Application Guide

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete surface is clean, dry, and free of contaminants.
  2. Application: Apply Armadillo D evenly at the recommended rate using a low-pressure sprayer or broom.
  3. Wet Curing: Keep the surface wet with Armadillo D for at least 30 minutes, working it into the concrete with a soft-bristled broom.
  4. Removal of Excess: After 30-60 minutes, squeegee or broom excess material onto the adjacent untreated area. For exterior broom-finished surfaces, no flushing is required.
  5. Final Cleaning: On interior surfaces, thoroughly flush with water and squeegee dry to remove any residue. Vacuum or squeegee any remaining excess material.


  • Does not meet the requirements of AS 3799.
  • Not designed to protect against rising damp.
  • Avoid contact with metals, glass, wood, paint, or brick.

Additional Information

Property Value
Appearance Clear liquid, dries transparent
Coverage 4-5 m²/litre on steel trowelled surfaces
Drying Time Tack-free in 2-4 hours at 21°C & 50% RH
Shelf Life 2 years in original, unopened packaging

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