MS 608 Parquetry Adhesive 600ml


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MS-608 is a top-of-the-line flooring adhesive that leverages Hybrid Silyl Modified Polyether Technology to deliver superior results. With its odourless, one-part formulation, this adhesive is perfect for bonding various types of parquet flooring to nearly any sub-floor.

One of the standout features of MS-608 is its exceptional bond strength between the wooden floor and the sub-floor. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection that stands up to heavy use over time. Additionally, this adhesive remains permanently flexible, which is a significant advantage in environments where temperature changes and foot traffic are common.

MS-608 is an incredibly versatile adhesive that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, making it an ideal choice for those in the flooring and building industry. It is perfect for bonding and sealing purposes and is sure to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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MS 608 Parquetry Adhesive 600ml

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