Gripset C-Mastic - High Strength Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive


Gripset C-Mastic is a high strength polymer modified tile adhesive specifically designed for commercial applications where a wide range of large format tiles and stones are used. Its white, non-slump formulation, developed with advanced polymer technology, provides exceptional adhesion strength for large format tiles in both wall and floor applications. C-Mastic offers excellent non-slump properties, making it suitable for large and heavy tiles. It is ideal for interior and exterior use in various tiling projects.

Product Characteristics:

  • Size: 20 Kg

Features & Benefits:

  • White colour for aesthetic appeal
  • Non-slump formula ensures tiles stay in place
  • Flexible composition accommodates shrinkage movement
  • Commercial grade adhesive for robust applications
  • Extended open time for convenient installation
  • Meets C2S1TE classifications for reliable performance
  • Suitable for use on early age concrete, screeds, and renders
  • Can be applied on 28-day old concrete and over screeds/renders after 24 hours
  • Compatible with Gripset waterproofing membrane systems

Application Instructions:

To prepare the adhesive, mix one 20kg bag of Gripset C-Mastic with 6 litres of clean water. Use a clean pail and add the dry powder to the water. Mix thoroughly with an electric stirrer until a consistent, lump-free mixture is obtained. Let the adhesive settle for 2-3 minutes, lightly re-stir, and it is ready for application.

Apply the adhesive to the surface using a notch trowel, selecting the appropriate size based on the type and size of tiles being used. The recommended bed thickness ranges from 2mm to 10mm, depending on the tiles. Firmly press the tiles into the adhesive bed, ensuring 100% coverage by sliding the tiles at a right angle to the notch lines. For tiles with lugs or an uneven backing, use the buttered method and apply adhesive to the surface as well.

Refer to AS3958.1-2007 "A Guide To The Installation of Ceramic Tiles" for comprehensive fixing methods and guidelines.

The coverage of Gripset C-Mastic will vary based on surface condition, tile type, and application technique. On floors, using a 10mm notch trowel, the coverage is approximately 7m².


Store Gripset C-Mastic at room temperature in a dry environment. Avoid exposing it to cold freezing conditions or placing it directly on concrete floors. Keep the product away from direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months in unopened packaging.

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Gripset C-Mastic - High Strength Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive

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