Sikaflex®-11 FC - Advanced Polyurethane Sealant and Adhesive


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Sikaflex®-11 FC is a versatile one-component adhesive and sealing compound with permanent elasticity. This advanced polyurethane sealant is designed for various applications, both as an elastic adhesive and an elastic joint sealant. Its accelerated curing time and excellent properties make it suitable for interior and exterior use.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Black, Grey, Japan Beige, White
  • Size: 310ml Catridge, 600ml Sausages

Key Features and Advantages:

  • ASTM C920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 12.5 Fire Rating
  • High Adhesion to Various Materials
  • Fast Cure Rate
  • Excellent Weathering and Water Resistance
  • Non-Corrosive
  • High Durability and Ageing Resistance
  • High Pick Resistance
  • Low VOC Content (28.5 g/L)


Sikaflex®-11 FC serves as an ideal elastic adhesive and joint sealant for a wide range of materials, including:

  • Common Construction Materials
  • Floor Moldings and Skirting Boards
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Seam Sealing
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Bolted Lap Joints
  • Skirting Boards
  • Base Boards

Technical Information:

  • Shore A Hardness: 40–45 (23°C and 50% R.H.)
  • Tensile Strength: ~1.55 N/mm² (23°C and 50% R.H.)
  • Elongation at Break: 600% (23°C and 50% R.H.)
  • Elastic Recovery: >90% (23°C and 50% R.H.)
  • Lap Shear Strength: 1.13 N/mm² (23°C and 50% R.H. modified, glass substrate)
  • Movement Capability: ±12.5%
  • Service Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Resistance to Weathering: Excellent

Important Considerations:

  • Allow 5 days cure at standard conditions for total water immersion applications.
  • Conduct preliminary tests before over-painting Sikaflex®-11 FC with water, oil, or rubber-based paints.
  • Avoid exposure to high levels of chlorine (Maximum level is 5ppm).
  • Ensure the depth of sealant does not exceed 12mm and not less than 6mm when used as a joint sealant.
  • Maximum expansion and contraction should not exceed 12.5% of average joint width.
  • Avoid applying the sealant when moisture-vapor-transmission condition exists from the substrate to prevent bubbling.
  • Avoid air entrapment during application to prevent bubbling.
  • Permit sufficient exposure to air for proper curing as Sikaflex®-11 FC is moisture-cured.
  • Note that the white colour may slightly discolour/yellow when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • Ensure proper application, good design, and surface preparation for optimal performance.
  • Not suitable for use in expansion joints.
  • Provide temporary support for heavy components until Sikaflex®-11 FC fully cures.
  • Avoid using on bituminous substrates, natural rubber, EPDM rubber, or materials that may leach oils, plasticizers, or solvents.
  • Not for use to seal joints in and around swimming pools.
  • Avoid exposing uncured Sikaflex®-11 FC to alcohol-containing products and solvent cleaners.

Product Storage and Shelf Life:

Sikaflex®-11 FC has a shelf life of 12 months from the production date when stored in undamaged, original sealed packaging and under proper storage conditions (between +5°C and +25°C, protected from direct sunlight).

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