Gripset BRW-HD - 1mm x 1m x 10mm Roll


Gripset BRW-HD is a high-performance, self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane with a laminated high-strength HDPE film facing. It is specifically designed for subterranean waterproofing and multi-layered sheet membrane applications. The membrane offers exceptional adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces, providing a reliable and instant waterproof seal in various temperature conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-adhesive application for easy installation
  • Outstanding high bond adhesion over applied surfaces
  • Excellent performance in low to high temperatures (-30°C to 80°C)
  • Resistant to ground salts and chemical agents
  • Flexible and resistant to vibration, movement, and flexing
  • Provides dimensional stability, tear strength, puncture, and impact resistance
  • Instant sealing properties, no drying required
  • Compatible with a wide range of building substrates
  • Solvent-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly


Gripset BRW-HD is suitable for various commercial, industrial, and residential applications, including:

  • Underground retaining walls
  • Roof gardens
  • Basement and lift pit wall substrates
  • Planter boxes and garden beds
  • Plaza decks, podiums, terraces
  • Waterproofing damp wall surfaces (with Gripset E60)
  • Roof underlayments
  • Waterproofing underground walls in cold and/or humid environments
  • Waterproofing system over substrates with live and static cracking (up to 2mm)
  • Under pedestal paver finishes
  • Roof waterproofing system over failed membranes
  • Multi-layered high-performance system with Gripset BRW-PF


  • Type: Self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane
  • Backing: High-strength HDPE film
  • Temperature Resistance: -30°C to 80°C
  • Adhesion: Excellent bond adhesion over applied surfaces
  • Resistance: Ground salts, chemical agents, vibration, movement, and flexing

For detailed installation instructions and specific recommendations, please refer to the product datasheet and consult with a professional waterproofing contractor.

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Gripset BRW-HD - 1mm x 1m x 10mm Roll

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