SAE Face Mount Joist Hanger


The SAE face mount joist hanger is designed for applications where extra load resistance is needed.

• May be fastened to the header material with either nails or bolts.

• Can be installed on timber header or concrete/masonry wall. 


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Verify that the header can take the fasteners specified in the table.
  • SAE hangers can be installed by filling all round holes, or all bolt holes, with the specified fasteners. A combination of the two would not give any increase to the performance values.
  • The hangers have bolt holes for 10mm or 12mm fasteners into the face.
  • The timber bolted capacity to be determined according to the relevant standards. Do not exceed the load values given in the table.
  • The hanger depth is to be at least 60% of the carried member depth to prevent rotation, unless additional lateral restraint is added to the top of the carried member

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