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Penaflow Panel Grout GP 20kg


High Performance, General purpose, Non-Shrink Class A cementitious grout.
Aftek Penaflow GP Grout is a Class A construction grout based on a blend of Portland cement, high-quality graded aggregates, and additives, which control expansion whilst the grout is in a plastic state.

•    General purpose grout
•    Grouting underneath precast panels and concrete sections
•    Anchor bolts filling
•    Filling in cavities, gaps, and base infill’s
•    Filling in core holes created in panels by core drilling
•    Suitable for block work in core filling

•    Shrinkage compensated
•    Gaseous expansion while in a plastic state eliminates shrinkage and settlement
•    Non-metallic iron content eliminates staining
•    Can be dry-packed, rammed, troweled, or poured
•    Pump able for larger applications
•    Grouting from 10mm to 150mm in a single application
•    Australian made

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Penaflow Panel Grout GP 20kg

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