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Megajet Climatic HVLP Spray System


The Megajet Climatic is capable of running 4 spray guns at one time, suitable for limitless continuous use, does not require a compressor and has a fitted trolley for easy movability. The Megajet Climatic is designed to dramatically reduce overspray and spray clouds producing less waste, easier application and a cleaner environment, reducing the consumption of paint by up to 40%. It is suitable for liquid paints, spray contact adhesives, latex and many other applications.


  • Cloudless - reduces 90% of paint cloud
  • Produces hot air for quick drying
  • Save up to 40% paint & solvent
  • Run up to 4 spray guns at one time
  • No compressor required
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Specifications

  • Seven-stage turbine motor
  • Motor power: 1.5 hp asynchronous
  • 220v motor
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • C5 type gun with 1 litre cup
  • 8mt hose (optional 10mt)

Megajet Climatic HVLP Spray System

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